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Practice and live the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ assisted by online courses, retreats, and a Tribe of Christ community
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Living Miracles Community - ACIM Mexico

Welcome to ACIM Mexico and our Living Miracles Community!

La Casa de Milagros ("La Casa") is a spiritual center in Chapala, Mexico for our ACIM Mexico community and students of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). People come here from all around the world to live in community, to volunteer, and to practice true forgiveness. Inspired by the deep teachings and clarity of world renowned ACIM teacher David Hoffmeister, we offer profound resources and programs for spiritual Awakening such as our Mystery School and short-term Prayer Stays.

La Casa de Milagros mystery school and prayer stays

What Is the Tabula Rasa Mystery School?

The Tabula Rasa Mystery School offers a curriculum like none other, specifically designed to help you remember your authentic and changeless reality—your union with Love! It is a school for spiritual awakening that will immerse you in an experience to inspire your path of Self-discovery. The result will leave you with a treasure of awareness that can never be taken away!


Tabula Rasa Mystery School is specifically designed to take you out of the countless satsangs, retreats, conferences and seminars, and into a direct experience of your true Self! We offer 2–6 week Schools at La Casa de Milagros in Chapala, Mexico which you can learn more about and apply for here.

Tabula Rasa mystery school

Living Miracles Community - ACIM Mexico

Enjoy this YouTube playlist with many ACIM videos about our Tabula Rasa Mystery School programs, which are held at La Casa de Milagros in Mexico. Using non-dual teachings from A Course in Miracles and other traditions, this curriculum is for anyone longing to experience consistent inner peace. 

Are you ready to admit there has to be a better way?
Do you desire to have a direct experience of God's Love?
Are you ready to question everything you think you think, and think you know?

If so, we invite you to immerse yourself in these profound ACIM videos based on our Tabula Rasa Mystery School and open yourself to true Help.

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