Events in Mexico

We have events and gatherings that are open to the general public such as movie sessions with David Hoffmeister. This is a new way to use movies for spiritual healing rather than mind numbing distraction. Join us for movies and teachings that are healing and spiritually uplifting.

"Use movies to pay attention to your mind, to pay attention to your thoughts. Mind training with movies is a way to heal the mind; to be free of all distortions and judgment.” ~David Hoffmeister

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We warmly invite you to join us for a loving adventure into the unknown! Our center in Chapala, Mexico, is known as a true haven for coming into a deeper awareness of the sublime Truth of who you are! You will enjoy heartfelt connection with mighty companions from around the world, deep teaching sessions with David Hoffmeister, profound movie gatherings, experiential music sessions, and much, much more!

You will also get a taste of this magical area, as we have special trips planned in the Lake Chapala, Ajijic area such as a chartered boat cruise on the beautiful lake, soaking in the local warm springs, exploring the many quaint shops and restaurants, sunrise and sunset walks on the beautiful boardwalk, and best of all, it’s David’s birthday and he would love to share the day with you!

You will have the opportunity to meet many other like-minded people who have moved to this area. It’s truly blossoming with love and light!!!

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Featured Event: Adventure into the Heart of Awakening