La Casa de Milagros is a center for A Course in Miracles (ACIM)/Un curso de milagros (UCDM) in Chapala, Mexico, a residential property supported by the Awakening Mind community inspired by David Hoffmeister.  People from around the world come here to live in residence with others devoted to the practice of forgiveness as taught in ACIM/UCDM.  Join us in the milagros and learn truly of what is inner peace and happiness!  

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"Welcome to Awakening Mind Community in Chapala, Mexico"

Visit our page for volunteers at the Awakening Mind Community in Mexico to share about their experiences and insights as they spend time doing the deep spiritual work that is pointed to in A Course in Miracles.

Welcome to ACIM Mexico and our Living Miracles Community. Living the principles of the Course teachings and opening to a constant state of Peace and Joy. Sharing the inspiration with our global and A Course in Miracles Spanish community.

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Where can I learn about peace and happiness?

Where there’s thirst, there’s need. We reach out to people and communities, both locally and abroad, to assist with the experience of forgiveness.   Our Global Community includes residencies and travels/gatherings in many countries.  For more info on our global community, click here!

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Several times a year we offer devotional retreats of 1 to 6 weeks in length.  Prayer, meditation, expression sessions, and inspiring/interactive talks help guide the heart into the Stillness that is God's Love.  To visit our event page, click here for English, or here for Espanol.  

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